Being part of PSLoop project is an industrywide responsibility.

Increased recycling of EPS whether it is insulation or packaging is vital to the European EPS-industry, as all stakeholders have a stronger focus on sustainable solutions and circular economy. In Denmark we view PSLoop as part of the solution, even though EPS with HBCD has never really been used in Danish construction.


For us we have a common and shared responsibility to solve the issue of EPS waste with HBCD, because we know that what is seen as non-recyclable in the rest of Europe will impact the EPS industry in Denmark both when it comes to insulation and packaging.

The technology that PS Loop represents is of high interest to us, because it will also ensure valuable information to the Danish recycling of EPS construction waste in general. It will identify and present useful solutions for the collection and sorting of EPS construction waste that cannot easily be recycled due to dirt, concrete and other materials requiring non-mechanical recycling solutions. We will need these technologies in Denmark, when EPS begins to be removed from houses that are demolished. Something we do not really see that much yet, as EPS insulation above ground is relatively new in Denmark.

Getting EPS recognized as the recyclable material that it is, is of strategic importance to EPS-branchen, and it is why we believe it important that the technology developed by PS Loop becomes a reality throughout Europe. With PS Loop we as an industry demonstrate our commitment to ensuring a sustainable solution for today and the future.

Published in the PSLoop Newsletter February 2020.