About EPS-branchen, the Danish EPS Association


EPS-branchen, the Danish EPS Association, is part of the Danish Plastics Federation. The organisation represents the EPS manufacturing companies and the rest of the value chain, including recycling companies, machine manufacturers, educational institutions, consultancies, construction companies, manufacturers of EPS concrete and local tradesmen.

The organisation’s 15 factories are spread throughout Denmark and have approx. 500 employees and over 100 local tradesmen, e.g. blacksmiths, electricians and toolmakers. Other companies in the organisation have over 500 employees.

The Danish production of EPS supports over 1,000 jobs in e-commerce, e.g. food boxes. It is used as packaging for a large number of export companies and as insulation in construction. In addition, EPS boxes are among the preferred solutions when exporting Danish fish globally. Thus, the industry supports an export exceeding DKK 26 billion and approx. 16,000 jobs.

Overall, Danish production of EPS supports over 30,000 jobs with a turnover of well over DKK 50 billion.