Launching #PSFoamFacts


In the Danish EPS Association we experience many myths about EPS (expanded polystyrene). We experience that there is a plethora of statements and information concerning EPS, unfortunately too much of it is not based in facts. Instead this information is based on misunderstandings, or on a confusion concerning what abilities EPS has. EPS is often incorrectly assigned qualities or attributies that other – and sometimes similar – materials hold. With #PSFoamfacts we aim to ensure a fact based dialogue about EPS. #PSFoamFacts collects statements we see about EPS, some on the internet, some on social media and some we are met with in dialogue with people in society. A central part of the misunderstanding is that some believe that all foamed plastic is EPS that is not correct.

#PSFoamFacts-posts takes these statements and adress them in an infographic, and the associated post ensures documentation for the statements we make.

A summary of PSfoamFacts can be found here. The page will be updated on an ongoing basis.